[HELP] I have a .asi file I can't seem to get working

Like the title says I need help with a .asi. I’m trying to use the Family Friendly Freeroam mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/family-friendly-free-roaming I get a notification that its running but when i say steal a car or maul an unsuspecting pedestrian I get cursed at. In the .ini i have it set so they cannot speek or cry out in pain. I currently have this installed client side. any help will be greatly appreciated. I’m willing to give additional info if required. Thank you.

Where would you use this .asi ?

Clientsided modifications are not supported.

I have it in my plugins folder. But how would I put it into my server? I know how to add weapons and cars but there seems to be nothing/nowhere to put an .asi

Impossible, .asi’s are not recommended/supported. You can’t ‘put them into’ your server.

You’d have to rewrite the modification to Lua.

Ok do you know if there is a way to do so or do i simply change the name from .asi to .lua?

You cannot just rename the extension… You need to open a code editor and start writing some code.
This is not some copy/past crap…:sob:

Ok sorry for my noobishness.

It’s ok :slight_smile:
If you need help with the lua, just let us know. As long as you show us that you are working, I gladly help.