[HELP] How to stream scenario files in fivem

hello, I’ve read everything here Streaming / overriding scenario ymt and here Using modified scenario files on FiveM – FiveM Cookbook and I was also wondering if people who know more about this could explain or detail what they know about scenario files so it could be added to the cookbook and spread their knowledge to others. I was also wondering how to stream scenario files client-side on fivem and

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I’ve been trying to figure it out too, and it’s been seriously doing my head in…

I figured it out:

only took 7 months :joy: thank you

I figured it out long ago but didn’ want to be “The scenario guy” as I’m sick of people trying to dm me “HaLp Pls FiX” lol

As for “client side”, I don’t think that’s possible.

github link is non existant, have you by chance got a copy

DonHulieo/server_scenarios: FiveM resource for streaming custom scenarios. (github.com)

thanks, much appreciated

Did anybody get this to work ? Because it makes me crash everytime