[Help] How to get Source.identifier Onplayerdrop without any error

please help i get error when i’m try to get the steam name

AddEventHandler(‘playerDropped’, function()

i tried this also

AddEventHandler(‘playerDropped’, function()
TriggerEvent(‘es:getPlayerFromId’, source, function(user)
–Récupération du SteamID.
local player = user.identifier

I doing on server-side. and i can’t get the source steam name

any?one help me pls+++++++++++

Why force essential here if you can simply GetPlayerIdentifiers(source)[1]
Don’t add the essential event… -_-
source is a global in playerDropped btw.

i Solved it yesterdayyy hahah… anyway ty very muchh

But can you explain why some function still call the essential event.? instead of only getplayeridentifier

No clue. I don’t use essentialsmode and never will most likely. :wink:

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Because the next server update will have sql handle built in?

This is my first time (2019/05)
All version dowload latest (2019/05)
I have same problem. when i use es:getPlayerFromId and result return data table. T^T.
I can’t use this code.( user.indentifier)
It’s error.
i try to call GetPlayerIdentifiers and it has error. Now I can fix it and call GetPlayerIdentifiers from global. But i look value from getPlayerFromId rerult patten is same GetPlayerIdentifiers but i can not get result from loop. why ? sory about my emglish.

TriggerEvent('es:getPlayerFromId', source, function(user)
	print(user) -- result 000001B97E5C1FD0
	for i,v in ipairs(user) do 
		print(v)        ****** loop no result ****** (i think loop 0 round)
	print(GetPlayerIdentifiers(source)) -- result 000002BA24CE0C80
	for i,v in ipairs(GetPlayerIdentifiers(source)) do 
		print(v)      ****** loop has all identifier result ******

Can some one explain me ? T^T

necro. It would’ve been fine and I would’ve allowed it if the necro-er actually made some sense of their issue.