[HELP]How to add map in fivem server

Hello, please help me ->

I have a map made by myself, I added some objects etc., the idea is that I have only YMAP from it, and to put it I need the ytd ydr yft files, as is in the picture below. I already have a map taken from the net where instead of lifeinvader I have Facebook and it’s only ytd files ydr yft, and the rest of the maps you find on the internet are only ymap. How can I convert this ymap to remove those files from it?

as shown above are the “stream” files on the map that goes with the facebook one taken from the net. But my map that I want to use has only ymap.

Take a look here and see if it helps

Just like any other resource lol

Don’t working bro…

You sure you put it in normal resource folder, which map?



Try someone else who put it open here on FiveM forums, like FAXES.

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if I put the map as I explain there, it makes a mistake to the server that it can not load the resource

You are not putting it into the ESX folder? Cause it shouldn’t be in there

I have the DUNKO VRP server
does it work only on esx?

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Follow the tutorial. It must be in its own resource and not in any framework.

men…follow tutorial and not working…



and server.cfg ->> start mgro


probablity working only ESX server? because my server is VRP

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Try Clearing server cache and restart it.

clearing server cache…and restart it…and don’t working…

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In the resource.lua you have to add this line in

this_is_a_map ‘yes’

dont working

Make sure it’s running…

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heres one that works:

__resource.lua (87 Bytes)

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i added that and the map still didn’t load in