[HELP] EUP (Add-On Clothing) in FiveM Server

Hey FiveM masterminds,

My friends are having a FiveM roleplay server, obviously, we would like to have the most realistic roleplay as possible.

There is a mod out there (On LSPD:FR) that makes it possible to change a ton load of clothing options;
Different vests, hats, shirts, armor vests, jackets, glasses, and even ranks and badges.

(Here is the link: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8151-emergency-uniforms-pack/)

I was wondering; is it possible to get this into FiveM.
The EUP Menu (needed to use EUP) allowes you to create a custom MP Player model.
(Link to menu: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/13245-eup-menu/)

Could any of you guys help me out with this!
(Version 7.5 comes out any day this month btw)

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Bump, Need to find out if this is possible or not anymore

I have talked to the people on the EUP Discord, they told me the menu could’t work with FiveM.

Anyhow, is it possible to stream the uniforms? You can find the clothing ID’s with Skin Control.

I NEED to know if there is a way to stream addon clothing (In DLC.rpf or alot of folders filled with items)

Please reply before I fuck up my server <3

I’m also interested by a way to stream EUP on the server, this would be sooo nice!

Correct @TacticalTigers, there is no way to currently stream EUP, not even streaming the uniforms.

it is possible with this

these are the things you need to download: https://mega.nz/file/JvpnESaJ#V7X7Fg2I0HExXfEpb5tOITXRQNZqeZVjkkBnYXDqh1Y


and if for some reason something goes wrong here is a backup: https://mega.nz/file/l7ozFKYC#P1tt3uuX2VROPMq56KueQqmDqBEm6S7D0MC8pe5wbKQ

just put the menu in the resources folder and put then go to your gta 5 directory>update>x64>dlcpacks>patchday15 and drag and drop the dlc.rpf that you downloaded in there

THIS IS ONLY CLIENT SIDE but there is a server sided one that i have tried but i couldnt get it to work for me. I will go test it and let you know if it works and will update this if it does!


For everyone still looking for this answer, EUP and EUP clothing can be streamed but only if you are subscribed to the Citizen Collective (FiveM Devs) on Patreon with a tier that gives you access to beta FiveM features (OneSync, OneSync Infinity, EUP, Clothing streaming, etc) I know the original post was 3 years ago however someone replied a month ago claiming it was client side only and I wanted to clear this up.

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My issue i moved to zap now i cant get new stuff in eup to show up and ive installed correct and have patreon subscription

You added things to EUP and they don’t show? If EUP is working and new things don’t show up clear your server cache again, or just delete the EUP folder in cache depends on when the last time you cleared your cache was.

that worked thanks man

If you need help lmk

when i start EUP, my modded clothes are deleted how to solve? :smiley: