[Help] [esx-kr-advanced-shops] Shop Menu not working

Dear Community,

i just installed this Shop

My Shops are kinda working. The Buy Menu is working fine.
BUT if i go into a Store that is created, the “Shopmenu” won’t open. I press [E] nothing happens.

What i’ve done already :
I removed the old esx_shops by doing #start esx_shops
I removed the “Shops” Table from Database

Nothing else so far.
Maybe you guys can help me.

Fixed… I’m just an lost boy …

I removed the Shops Table … Why did i do that … xD

If you have the same Issue :

Remove the Table Shops from your Database then run the SQL file inside the .rar

No luck for me :frowning:

You probably changed the folder name if you did you’ll need to modify some of the source code. Otherwise change it to what its supposed to be.

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