[HELP]Could you please explain these errors?

I would like to eliminate these errors, can you please help me?

Ensure your ports are open for fxserver.

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Thank you for reply.
I’m renting a server, is there anything I can do? Is there any harm from such an error?

Not really a “harm” for the Server itself.

There are two options:

  1. The server doesnt show up in the Serverlist
  2. The server has old data in the Serverlist if it has changed.

If you rent the server via Zap-Hosting or other Fivem Hosting providers i would ask then if the corresponding fivem Ports (30120, 30110) for the serverlist are open

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Thank you for your kind reply. That helps a lot.

Thank you for replying here! I understand the error regarding the server list, but what is this error? HeidiSQL is using the latest version.

This is not really a “error” either.
This is just notifying you that it took longer than expected to execute a query. As you can see in the message it really is a big query.
You can bypass this in two ways:
Clean up your players table and remove unwanted/unneeded rows from it.
You can split your players table in multiple smaller ones and update your scripts accordingly → Not recommended cus it makes your database very sophisticated and hard to read.

Overall you can basically ignore this error. If it happens a lot in PRODUCTION then i would consider upgrading the servers infrastructure so queries will be executed faster. But you can see it only takes 200ms!! No user will notice that! :slight_smile:

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To be honest, I don’t really know why mysql-async or oxmysql added this warning at such a low time threshold. MySQL itself has a warning at 10 whole seconds and errors out at 60 seconds, not 150-200ms.
Yes, you can change the threshold and yes, you should optimize your database. But the 95% majority of users won’t understand it anyways.

Queries that are executed on the same data sets will generally be queued and thus each subsequent query will take longer. That is normal behavior and doesn’t hurt anyone unless you have way too many queries happening at the same time. Even “better” server hardware won’t help you a lot here.

To be fair, one should make use of (primary) keys in their database and ESX’s and QB’s near complete lack of it won’t help at all. Not using foreign keys is another thing. Or just general optimization through other means (e.g. don’t use json in non-json columns or split the data to separate columns/tables).


I am amazed at the great kindness of both of you… ! thank you very much. I was wondering what to do about the two error messages (notifications) on the dashboard, as they were very strong and overlapped a lot. I never expected to receive such opinions from such an expert, and I am very grateful. I was relieved that there was no major impact on the server in either case. Thank you for your cooperation. Please help more people! :pray:

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