[HELP] check who killed the player

Hey ,
I checked events and found that there’s a event which is “OnPlayerDeath” that it will be called when a player dies , but it has only one parameter , how can I make the script detect the killer? :thinking::thinking:
Anyway to detect? Because other MP games have this feature


function NetworkGetEntityKillerOfPlayer(player)
return _in(0x42B2DAA6B596F5F8, player, _i, _r)

i think that can probably helps you.

@RoxoR it returns ID of killer? And another question , Where should I put this function to get killer’s ID?:frowning::frowning:

There is a OnPlayerKilled event. Which has the killer as a parameter.

@amirab look at the official wiki by @kanersps He written down some importent events https://kanersps.pw/fiverebornwiki/#Events

And does anyone know how to use it ?
because I tried and i didn’t get any answers :frowning::frowning:
a simple code that sends message killer killed player

Here is a Example Scipt for you. Ive dont checked it but i think it must be work.