[Help] Can't add addon cars?

I followed this tutorial to the T and when i tried to join my server it just froze. Wasn’t freezing before i added the car. I’m trying to add this car, and I did exactly as the tutorial told me, and when I go to join my server, I get my regular loading screen, and it goes through everything, but then I look over at my server console and it says I’ve disconnected. Tried to join multiple times. Client doesn’t crash, just stops doing anything. I waited for about an hour and then I was able to connect. Now it just sits loading forever. Literally asked lambda to spawn it after setting up a bunch of other stuff to be able to roleplay, went and roleplayed for half an hour and the car never spawned.

TL;DR: I tried to add this car as an addon car, by following this tutorial, and I followed the tutorial exactly, and the car simply will NOT spawn, just freezes lambda.

Try this tutorial.

I tried to install addon cars to the Vmenu and every time it says resource could not be found. I included screenshots of all the places I’ve put things in to try to add them in but had no luck. let me if there’s any more info you would need to try to help me. THX :slight_smile: