[Help] Add markers to map (Gang locations)

I am trying to add markers to the map to mark the three gang locations and the biker clubhouse, but I have no scripting knowledge. Any help would be appreciated.


There was a post about this, but it somehow ended up unlisted.

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Thank you, exactly what I was looking for

Did you get show blip working? I can’t get it to work

Haven’t had time to try it yet, I will post when I do

@Kbhaze It’s working for me, did you follow this step? : dont forget put in the same folder inside resources a file called __resource.lua containing ( client_script ‘thisscript.lua’ )

@silicon I have one more question; is it also posible to only show the blips on the map, instead of both the radar and map?

Also, to make the first blip show the correct one, change it from ‘blip’ to ‘blip1’ like this:
SetBlipSprite(blip1, 84) instead of SetBlipSprite(blip, 84)

If you don’t do this it will show the yellow destination blip instead of the blip you choose


void SET_BLIP_DISPLAY(Blip blip, int displayId)

displayId 8 : shows on radar

displayId 3 : Shows on Main map but not Radar (not selectable on map)

displayId 2 : Shows on Main map + Radar + selectable

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Thanks but how do you set the display ID, where would you add it if you would for example use this:


while true do

local blip1 = AddBlipForCoord(131.14, -1302.6, 29.23)
SetBlipSprite(blip, 121)
local blip2 = AddBlipForCoord(1159.65, -313.948, 69.2051)
SetBlipSprite(blip2, 431)
local blip3 = AddBlipForCoord(1126.86, -980.184, 45.4158)
SetBlipSprite(blip3, 431)



 local blip1 = AddBlipForCoord(131.14, -1302.6, 29.23)
 SetBlipSprite(blip1, 121)
 SetBlipDisplay(blip1, 8)

Nice thank you working perfectly. If anyone is interested, I got all coordinates of gang locations and added a rampage blip to them. Its a nice challenge to try and clear them without cheating


local blip1 = AddBlipForCoord(298.68, -2010.10, 20.07)
SetBlipSprite(blip1, 84)
SetBlipDisplay(blip1, 3)
local blip2 = AddBlipForCoord(86.64, -1924.60, 20.79)
SetBlipSprite(blip2, 84)
SetBlipDisplay(blip2, 3)
local blip3 = AddBlipForCoord(-183.52, -1632.62, 33.34)
SetBlipSprite(blip3, 84)
SetBlipDisplay(blip3, 3)
local blip4 = AddBlipForCoord(989.37, -1777.56, 31.32)
SetBlipSprite(blip4, 84)
SetBlipDisplay(blip4, 3)
local blip5 = AddBlipForCoord(960.24, -140.31, 74.50)
SetBlipSprite(blip5, 84)
SetBlipDisplay(blip5, 3)
local blip6 = AddBlipForCoord(-1042.29, 4910.17, 94.92)
SetBlipSprite(blip6, 84)
SetBlipDisplay(blip6, 3)

Thanks for this, how would we add the markers with the names on the right bar?

What bar do you mean?

When you open the map you have the names on the right,

Im trying to add a marker on the map with its name on the right

It should be there, try scrolling down?

What i mean is the code above does add 6 skull markers to the map with the text on the side saying rampage,

My question is how is the skull icon and names added

SetBlipSprite(blip1, 84)

84 is the blip ID, you can change it to any other from this page: http://gtaxscripting.blogspot.nl/2016/05/gta-v-blips-id-and-image.html

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Got ya dude thanks, so the text rampage is what its called from default? ie the skull icon is already coded as rampage?

Yes, I have no idea if the name of the blip can be changed, but have a look on this page to get the names. https://www.gtamodding.com/wiki/Blip_Sprite_IDs

Exactly what i was after thank you