Hello, SA:MP Admin here

Hello FiveReborn Community,

I’m 19 years old and live in Germany. I’m admin on a SA:MP server in Germany. GTA San Andreas is such an outdated game with many bugs and also server security is not stable for 100%, so for the future I’m going to learn about FiveReborn and maybe script my first gamemode in Lua. I really liked the way how SA:MP worked and now I’m hoping to find the same base functions in FiveReborn as in SA:MP and even more cool functions from GTA V in this project.

I see myself as pawn scripting novice and i really like to script own gamemodes, if i had time for it. SA:MP is almost dead in my opinion, so I’m looking forward to find new opportunities in FiveReborn. I’m really excited to learn about FiveReborn.

So this was the first introduction from myself, I’m sorry for my bad english. If you have any questions you can write me a chat ;).

Best regards

Hello, welcome to FiveReborn!