Hello/hallo [EN/NL]

Hello everyone,

I am Vincent and I saw and came across “fivereborn” by Youtube and I have a Durch nationality but I do look Chinese (mother is Chinese, father is Dutch). I am born in China and after 6 years I went to the Netherlands. So I can speak a bit Chinese, English, little German and of course, Dutch.

I am really a car freak and I love a bit of action. I play GTA (V) Online and CSGO the most. Furthermore, I like simulator games. So that is why I do NOT play games like Black Ops III because these games are in my opinion not realistic.

So as I said, I am a big ‘car-freak’. I follow everything about cars and play with them in games and when I was a kid, with toy cars. I have like over 1000 model cars… lol still here in my house…
I saw fivereborn on youtube with drift videos of people but here I also see people do realistic things like rollplay and MUCH more.
By the way, I am 15 years old but and I do the highest level of education in the Netherlands at a bilingual level (Dutch and English)

I am looking forward to join this community and to play GTA Online in another style! Like good, realistic drifting and roleplay :smiley:
Kind regards,

P.S. Sorry for any grammatical errors. I am writing this at 00:32 at night without lights in the room on and with the screen on its lowest brightness.

For the Dutch speaking people (I saw there was even a Dutch forum part here):

Hallo allemaal,

Ik ben dus Vincent en ik ben 15 jaar oud.
Ik weet dat de meeste Nederlanders de Engelse taal wel kunnen begrijpen. Ik ga dus het stuk niet helemaal vertalen, ik heb daar nu geen zin in XD (00:32 's nachts nu)
Mocht je nog vragen hebben, stel ze gerust


Welcome Vinc! :slight_smile:

@Boss Thank you!

@COndor Thank you!

@Boss I have a question because I cannot start up the game… I reinstalled it a couple of times but it still says: “Could not load Citizengame.dll”
So what to do now?

Did you read the F.A.Q?


welcome Vinc,
altijd leuk een nieuwe nederlander erbij er zijn er namelijk stiekem best veel ondertusen.

@Amber nederlandsssss haha