Hell Energy Drink Prop Pack

A full simple prop pack! What I make with the help of the hell energy drink!

To support: Devcore Needs

Buy: [tebex] (10 EUR + tax)


I think that should be reflected :smiley:


I agree, but still fantastic work. Ill snag these after work :slight_smile:

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looks really cool, what programs did you use?

3ds max

these have images for each different kind of drink?

Yes yes

We bought the hell drinks, but I’m an idiot and not understanding how to incorporate. I do research and try.

This works without devcore right?

There are NO inventory pics of any of the cans… that will be up to the buyer to make, at least from the files I downloaded.

Yeah, I purchased because I thought it had inventory pictures of the cans. Not that it’s hard to do, but I imagined they were included.
Is there any documented support for how to get these to work?

Devcore_Needs_v2 Config.lua Food Category:


    Label = "Hell Gaming Arcade",

    Type = 'drink', -- type = 'drink' or 'wine' or 'largebottle'

    Prop = 'ollmannpc_hell_gaming_arcade', -- Here are the props 

    GlassProp = '', -- Prop which you will hold in your hand after pouring shot or wine into a glass

    GiveHideItem = '', -- The item you get when you clean a shot or wine into your inventory

    Infuse = false, -- True if you want to enable pouring into a glass / shot or wine

    ConsumeAll = true, -- true if you want to enable the automatic food / drink button

    Place = true, -- True if you want to allow the item to be placed on the ground

    Position = {x = 0.0, y = -0.01, z = -0.13, xrot = 11.0, yrot = -10.0, zrot = 0.0},

    Size = 250, -- in ml

    GlassSize = false, -- ml -- Number of ml taken from the bottle after pouring into a small glass

    Bite = {min = 17, max = 30},

    Alcohol = 0, -- Alcohol level : 0 = no alcohol , 1 min / 5 max

    AddStatus = 100000, --example

    RemoveStress = 1000, --example


I can add these into the server despite not having DevCore needs, yes?
I just need to add the item and associated image.
Then configure the consumables in qb-smallresources
Then configure the dpemotes prop, in-which it requests a PropBone.
Does hell_coffeelatte have a PropBone or is that important?

I can just replace with respective hell values? is the prop just the
‘ollmannpc_hell_coffe_latte’ tag?


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yes yes, actually just like you said

I can make inventory pics of the cans if you like then post them here or send them in a message to the creator

I’m so close to getting this to work. Thanks for the replies.

We just hope to add more variety in total overall drinks and their props. And probably more, when we finally understand how this all works.

Anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

you might need to stream the props in another folder on top of streaming the Ymap folder… I had to add these props to the mb_addon script. Did you get the inventory pics taken care of also?

The trouble is, I did the props specifically for testing on the devcore need! But I’ll see how that can be solved!

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i did not take care of inventory pictures yet

I can make inventory pics for the items and post them here tomorrow