👾 Helix RP 1.0 | Whitelist 18+ Server | Unique Code + QBCore Based | LOOKING FOR DOJ DEPARTMENT HEAD + Lawyers| Serious / Immersive RP 2023

[HelixRP] What do you want in a server?
:space_invader: Realistic RP?
:space_invader: An accessible, active staff team?
:space_invader: Long-lasting relationships?
:space_invader: Committing the most heinous crimes?
:space_invader: A bloom-love life?

We can help you with every single bullet here! Except for that last one, we aren’t miracle workers :slight_smile: Anyways, 9/10 dentists recommend Helix rp to give players exactly what they need :slight_smile:
{ NEW | QBCore + Custom Code + MLOs | Balanced Economy | Civ/Civilian RP encouraged | Whitelist Gangs (Lore-friendly + Original Supported) }

-ˏˋ. Experience our vibe! ˊˎ-


About Us:
:dizzy: NEWCOMERS to the FiveM scene, connecting people with people through the power of storytelling! Our community needs dedicated and willing souls who can lead, engage, and build memories.
:dizzy: With QBCore as a base, our developers created custom code to cater to our player base with unique features and secrets.
:dizzy: For the sake of creating an immersive environment, our rules forbid any form of trolling, powergaming, metagaming, or basically anything that harms the entire player base. Staff members are responsible for protecting players and providing them with a diverse, inclusive, and protected environment.

What can you do in the Server?
Short answer: Anything your imagination desires :slight_smile:
Long answer:

:balance_scale: [Legal Jobs/Freelance jobs] :balance_scale:
⋆ News reporter
⋆ Garbage Collection
⋆ Tow Truck
⋆ Delivery Truck
⋆ Fishing
⋆ Hunting
⋆ Mining

:pound: [Whitelist Jobs] :pound:
⋆ The Police Department
⋆ EMS/Pillbox
⋆ Ace & Co Taxi
⋆ Skyline Mechanics
⋆ Department of Justice (DOJ)
⋆ Player-owned businesses - Have an idea for a business that you think can add to the city? This is possible but it does require determined and committed individuals! If you think that fits your description, then we welcome you to own your own!

:chains: [Illegal RP/Criminal] :chains:
⋆ Custom Gangs - We prefer to whitelist gangs! Original or Lore-based accepted.
⋆ Underground racing scene and illegal boosting.
⋆ Grow, Cook, and Manufacture various drugs ranging from weed to heroine. Dedicated to amateurs and experts alike, this drug system caters to criminals of all levels.
⋆ Flood the community with crafted guns and weapons.
⋆ Custom store robberies, banks, convenience stores, and other hidden heists.
⋆ + Many more, you’ll have to explore the city for more details :wink:

If there is anything you haven’t seen on the list, do not panic! We award rp, build, and create a legacy and you may get awarded in the future. Good things take time after all.

*** [Need members interested in Department of Justice (DOJ), Police Department (PD), Mechanics, Taxi Drivers, and EMS/Pillbox roles :eyes: Experienced or inexperienced, don’t be afraid to try! We want you to learn.] ***

:scroll: We are hiring a Chief of Justice role to fill! - Other department heads have been filled.:scroll:

Other Socials:
:cloud: Twitter
:cloud: Youtube
:cloud: Reddit
:cloud: Cardd

:honey_pot:Some eye candy to further entice you :honey_pot:

A fellow lost member, v scary :open_mouth:

Our mechanic shop, Skyline Mechanics!

A fruitful PD meeting alerting cops to the common crimes in the city!

ESB has been spotted! Be careful :fearful:

Some loyal community members gather for our first event: A Demolition Derby! Sponsored by the Casino :moneybag:

(More pictures to come! Maybe you’ll be in some of them?)


Changelogs to note for this week!
:hammer_and_wrench: Tweaked mining rates for gold, iron, gems, and copper
:hammer_and_wrench: Added Coal and Sliver to Mining
:hammer_and_wrench: Added another legal job, Lumberjacking!
:hammer_and_wrench: Add bicycles to the rental vehicles
:hammer_and_wrench: Adjusted loot from chopping vehicles
:hammer_and_wrench: Bank Transaction update
:hammer_and_wrench: Adjusted Smelting
:hammer_and_wrench: Adjusted Truck Storage spaces
:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed bug with house robberies

  • A lot more small changes/adjusting numbers

Now! For more pictures :blush:

High Command lead the first IC PD Meeting!

Everyone welcome our first class of Cadets!

Some more action shots from our first event on May 12th!

A head on collision! That had to hurt…

At least he had a front row seat LUL

The cleanup was terrible! A huge pay day for the tow trucks tho!

Otherwise here’s a weekly Weazel News Update!

Be sure to donate blood today, it’s for a good cause.
Sidenote: Please do not leave cloves of garlic in Pillbox lobby :saluting_face:

Thank you! That’s it for this weekly update! :smiling_face:

May 17 - 26th Changelogs!
:hammer_and_wrench: Jewelry Store and Hunting is now available!
*(Hunting has been custom-coded by our developer :smiley: )
:hammer_and_wrench: Fishing loot updated
:hammer_and_wrench: Adjusted handling for PD vehicles
:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed some previous image bugs
:hammer_and_wrench: Updating gold panning
:hammer_and_wrench: Updated loading screen

  • A bit more minor fixes, there’s less and less bugs everyday :heart:

Now, did someone say pictures? :eyes:

shhh, don’t tell anyone about the meet up spot… But we’re all here for the same thing right?

Don’t let them distract you, they play to win :smiling_imp:

Uh oh, a new lost member was seen around Sandy…

I heard Vangelicos’ was broken into recently, maybe their security recently changed?

Another Weasel News Article has been posted :newspaper: Read all about it!

Man that gun is huge! Does he have a license for that? :fearful:

Anyways that’s all folks! See ya next weekend uwu

Heads up! Our new trailer representing the vibe of our city~!

Pretty rad right? (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Main Points:
☆ Along with some various bug fixes for our grand opening and rule changes, we added the Bobcat Heist and soon will have another player-owned business under our belt: UP and ATOM! :rocket:
☆ New faces following launch including some new cadets, so beware criminals and wrongdoers! :rotating_light:
☆ Another successful event before our city closed, a hippie themed camping trip!
☆ Lastly, but most importantly, we added content to show support for our LGBT+ Community!

Enjoy smol packets of Eye candy :candy: * :・゚✧(ꈍᴗꈍ)✧・゚: :candy:

Hullo LGBT+ Community :slight_smile:

Man Vs. Animal :walking_man::deer::deer::deer:

POV: Walking home in Los Santos

This property seems abandoned… or is it?

Getting some fresh air :fallen_leaf:

OKAY! Now the thing you’ve all been waiting for… Weasel News!

Okay, that’s all!
See you space cowboy…