Heartlands / World Origin Client Freeze When Moving Quickly


Using canary? Doesn’t matter
Windows version: Windows 10
System specifications: Intel i9, Nvidia RTX 3090 (seems to happen on many systems though)


Operating system: Windows
Artifact version: Doesn’t matter


Summary: Client freezes/locks up when moving quickly through the world origin area in the Heartlands.
Expected behavior: No client freeze/lock up
Actual behavior: Client freezes/locks up, doesn’t crash. Have to kill the client manually.
Steps to reproduce: Ride a horse quickly or move quickly from the railroad fork to Flat Neck and Valentine, towards Valentine along the tracks. Repeat as necessary to trigger the freeze, but it usually doesn’t take many tries.
Server/Client? Client

Any additional info: This is an old issue going back to the beginning of OneSync on RedM. I swore someone had opened a report somewhere, but I can’t find it. If someone has a solution, please post it here and I’ll be happy to close it :slight_smile: I tried disabling IMAP/IPLs to no avail. It’s presumably something loading/unloading. I would provide a crash dump or more information if I had it, but the client completely locks up. If someone has any suggestions on gathering further diagnostics, let me know.

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Yeah it was investigated before, also some extremely weird bug where the game getting into an infinite loop (race condition?). It happens a lot near the <0,0,0> coordinate. It was originally reported in our Matrix chat like a year ago or so.