Harkshire Roleplay | BRITISH RP | Recruiting Now | Whitelisted Community | Custom scripts, Vehicles and Peds | Professional and Realistic | Independent Community | Join while you can | ELS Client, Custom Mods

HarkshireRPC Is now Open for Public Recruitment. With custom vehicle and ped models we open a new Roleplay experience, the brand new community will dominate the British community, what roles do we have to offer? See you there!

We have our own custom teamspeak server!

Area Patrol Unit
Road Policing Unit
Dog Section
Armed Response Unit
Harkshire Ambulance
Harkshire Fire Service
Highways England
Harkshire Air Ambulance
And many more!

If you fancy joining or want more info, join the discord below, we always accept more members
Join here: https://discord.gg/dKbA9qw

Seems nice and well sorted, unique too. Wish you the best of luck with recruiting!

Thank you pal!!

server still up?