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Hang 'EM High RP serious roleplay with lots of activities to the players to experience.

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There are countless opportunities your characters to start their story…
such as starting your own business whether it be having your own shop to sell goods of your own choice or a gunsmith being a experienced will allow you to customise weapons even make fireworks.

Blacksmith to owning your own lumber yard or mining company maybe even if you enjoy being sociable a saloon owner…

Jeweller’s craft rings that you can equip from you pockets and wear them on there hand.
your watch has broke take it to the jeweller to repair it.

two systems to lumber work there’s chopping trees any where with a lumber axe or you can get employed at Monto’s rest or Annesburg Lumber yard but you will need a permit to chop wood at these sites.
there you’ll have the experience of chopping trees, having a chance of them falling to the ground.
Also there is animation of sewing wood at a wood station.
Delivery missions that you will need to load a wagon up with logs & deliver them.
Revamped Monto’s rest.

Two systems for mining now you mine any where like you would normally but mines now have opening times, you will now be able to mine inside. Don’t forget your mining hat.
XP system, washing shiny ore/silver ore to get a chance at getting gems, Cutting gem stone’s.
Mining sites you will also need a permit that you can pick up from a government mining outpost.

Could advertise your business by using the pin boards. Some thing important that the county folks need to know about your business why not put a scene up.
Looking for work take a look at our job board, be sure to set up a your mail.

Horse lover? want to become a horse trainer, tame wild horses with a mini game.
even own a stables.

Having the excitement of buying a house of your very own where you could store your valuables.
Enjoy the farm life? could work as farmer, go berry picking or own a ranch where you could enjoy a mini game to be a supplier of milk & eggs.
Farm Animal’s Take a visit to one of the animal Shop. Take your new friends out of the town to graze. They will get XP for grazing and grow up. After the animal is done grazing your character must catch it and order it to follow/herd or graze again, otherwise it will walk away, maybe into danger. If the animal growth big enough, the owner can sell it at the Butchery for good money.
there is no limit for purchasing new dogs from the dog shop. After purchasing a dog, players can feed & water. dogs will get XP from training and they will grow after reaching a new level. Dogs can follow their owner or sit and guard in a position, but they can bark after giving them the order or they go home If the owner wants to call another dog.
if you dog gets injured you will need to take it to a doctor/veterinarian.
There are 13 different skills for dogs to have, each comes with unique features and playing style.
Players can guard their grazing farm animals with their dogs. Just give the Sit order to the dog where the animals are grazing, and the dog will help them to keep the grazing phase, so the farm animals will not wander away after finishing the grazing activity. Dogs must have a high level to guard successfully always, if they don’t have enough experience, the farm animals will wander around, but there is a small chance that animals will keep grazing even if the dog is not an expert around them.

Make toxics as a herbalist.

Make a trip to your local doctor/pharmacy where you can buy for all your medic needs or alert a doctor. If there are no doctors available you may need to help someone to the witch doctor.
get bitten by snake stop by the pharmacy for some antipoison.

Book lover? why not hang out at the cosy quill where you can sit comfortably with a book using the interaction menu and drink tea or maybe you enjoy writing books, could take a trip to your local book publishing office.

Bakery smells so good be sure to stop by but don’t eat too many as you might put weight on with metabolism.

Want a break from working every day life? why not go Canoeing, gold panning, try to see who can catch the biggest bite Fishing or even trip to the cinema…

Ladies before going to the cinema or a fancy party you could always go for a pamper at the make up counter or get a new outfit.

If you feel like wearing a dress why not ride side saddle.

Stable system
HORSE BAGS - HORSE INVENTORY INDIVIDUAL BY BAGS you will only be able to get into you horse inventory with a saddle bag equipped.
TAMING - anyone will be able to tame but they will now have to be stabled at the training grounds at stables.
HORSE TRAINING WITH EXP - new horse training system.
BREEDING WITH SCENE- can now breed horse’s, female horses can get pregnant.
HORSE AGES -horses can now age.
LOCKPICK WAGONS - you can now pick lock player wagons for robbery but only outside cities.
FULL HORSE INFO - when in stables you will now be able to have horse description.
KM HORSESHOES CALCULATOR/FULL HORSESHOES SYSTEM REAL-TIME - horse now needs horse’s shoes to have added stamina.
HORSE EQUIPMENTS WITH EXTRA - will need to have blanket on before saddle.
HUNTING WAGON STASH- wagons will be able to hold carcasses as well as wagon inventory.
NPC REPAIR WAGONS TICKET - using a hammer on a wagon will activate a npc that will fix a broken wagon.

Feeling lucky? Why not do a scratch card find yourself with winning why not put it in the bank. If you are unlucky throw it in the trash.


If you want to get away from all this you could go on a adventure take a boat to guarma…

Hunters can go on adventure to track down legendary beasts with bait & traps.
pop by the wapiti birds or the smugglers boat to pick up a flying companion.
can buy different types of birds, perfect for fishing & scavenger birds retrieving items for you.

Metal Detector’s!
can use the Metal Detector item to find different treasures.
Metal Detector will have higher functionality while around the metal treasures.
In the night the Detector will have lights also, the stronger the light, the closer the treasure is.
you will be able to purchase these from a gunsmith.
There is a Collector Shop’s.

Fancy life of crime…
Starting out as nobody or climbing the ladder in a crime elevated lifestyle as a bandit.
stop by a blacksmith grab a shovel, go grave digging see what you could you can steal.

will be able to pitch/create a camp by using the flag item, this will ask the user to create a clan name, camps must be pitched away from towns, roads and at a proper distance from other camps. you will be prompted with information upon the use of the flag and if everything checks out your camp will be placed.
camps initially have very limited options and require furniture pieces to build up and gain functionality, furniture items called butcher stations allow camps to start making money, camp members will be able to donate animals and pelts to those stations, the station will then use supplies to process the donated materials into stock, supplies can either be bought from the butcher station or you can go on missions to gather them.
your butcher station size will determine how much stock it can hold. you can go on stock sale missions once you have enough stock, between supply missions and sale missions there is a total of 90 unique missions, the missions u get will depend on the location your camp is set at and for sale missions the amount of stock you are selling, the higher the stock count the further the missions are.
once you have a camp or you join a camp you will be able to raid other camps. - a camp can only be raided once every 3 days and 2 camp members of the camp being raided need to be online for a raid to go through, but you will be able to relocate your camp at any time.
Converting materials and camp supplies into camp stock takes effect every 30 minutes, at a rate of 10 per tick, depending on the camp size it will either hold 25/50/100, once you reach one of these amounts you will get the option to spawn the delivery wagon and deliver the stock, when you do this, you will receive money upon completion.

Purchase a moonshine shack then Customise your shack as you like. Invite your friends over for a drink, take bets on fighters. Go on missions to get your supplies , blow up wagons with dynamite. sell moonshine to locals but be careful NOT to be caught by the law as you may get raided…

Become a cultivator learn how to grow, craft & sell drugs.
Fancy planning a robbery why not do a bank heist, rob a oil rig or general store.
Be careful not to get caught by the law…

If you get wanted, bounty hunters may come after you.
law punishments are done with a MDT system.
you may get a hanging if your crime is extreme.

Start your new journey today…


as co-owner of this server me & the team are trying our very best to keep it fun and entertaining as possible, we will be as supportive as possible.