Hair bug Female FiveM

Hi everyone, I have a problem with women’s hair on my server. It is a 32 slots, what happens is that the hair is on top of another and it seems strange to me, I did not touch anything that happened from one day to the next. I leave you some images so you can see what I mean. If you can help me, I would really appreciate it.

these are totally normal hairs from the game :), there is nothing wrong on your server with these.

Ah perfect !, I had been scared because before it did not appear like that. So now I have to have Fivem’s Patreon to put on beautiful hair?

If you want to stream clothes / hairs you’ll need either a maximum of 10 slots on your server, or patreon with at least the argentum tier

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@CritteR didn’t you document the ped decoration stuff recently? Isn’t that what this user is hitting?

I…think so?

Anyway, @zlcr1s, if by hair is on top of another you mean that you don’t have hair textures, look at this topic: How to implement your original freemode_ped haircuts correctly

I understand, but where do those lines of code you post go?