GTA's Speed Limit

There is a 360mph speed limit, coded into GTA 5. I’m wondering if there’s anyway to remove it from my server?

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Have you even tried this in FiveM or are you just going by some info you read somewhere?

This 150 m/s speed limit isn’t ‘coded into GTA 5’, it’s set by a value in vehicle .#ft files, which is usually set to 150. Secondly, in FiveM, any vehicle where it’s set to 150 has it set to 450 instead so the speed limit would rather be three times what you’re saying.

I have tried this. When I do a full dive with my plane, the max it gets to is 358, and I have a vehicle that can accelerate to an undetermined speed, and even it can only get to 358mph.

I can tell you i go 600mph with my modded plane easily.

How tho?