GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_1412F52A8 - grey-golf-oranges


A lot of players are hitting the following crash after I updated the addon clothings.

[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/ GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_1412F52A8 (0x0)
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/ Une erreur à GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_1412F52A8 (0x0) a provoqué l'arrêt de FiveM. Un rapport de crash est en cours de téléchargement vers les développeurs FiveM.
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/ 
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/ Héritage du hash de crash : grey-golf-oranges
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/ Stack trace:
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_1412F52A8 (0x0)
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_14139DFB8 (0x51)
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_14139E600 (0x13)
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_1413A328C (0x76)
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_140505138 (0x2c)
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_1407D788C (0x5e)
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/   GTA5_b2699.exe!sub_1407D8960 (0x13)
[   5711859] [b2699_DumpServ]                 1916/ (1.9 MB)

Some people also get "ERR_GEN_MAP’ or ‘ERR_MEM_MULTIALLOC_FREE’ since these crashes appears

I’m streaming 5ymt per gender. On b2699 ymt limit is supposed to be more than 10 per gender. Any idea of the cause ?

Full dump

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