GTA V Interactive Map

Hello guys, the website is up again.

Here you can find (view) any coordinates in GTA V/FiveM.

Hope this can help you!
We will also improve “on click” actions and more.

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Thanks for sharing!
So with this site I can put in coordinates and it shows where it is on the map. Just like with a few other sites. But I can’t click on the map and have it tell me the coordinates? Seems like a waste of potential. Is this what you meant by “on click” actions? You have plans to add more of these features to catch up to alternatives? What will make this site better than those alternatives?

Hey DrAceMisanthrope,

Yes, we will add much more features to our website. Currently, we are working to integrate the function “on click” where you can click on map and get coords.

But thank you so much for separating time to check out the site. Let’s say it’s in BETA mode.

[UPDATE] We add the “click” feature. So you can click anywhere on the map and get coords.
Thank you @DrAceMisanthrope for the suggestion! I really appreciate it!

Sorry for the double reply! :heart:

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Works perfectly! Great work!
Might I drop some additional feedback / suggestions?
Everyone has their own opinion, but I personally prefer when the pin point is right where I click, as opposed to the center of the pin image. I like the “pin point” right on where I click. Wondering if you have considered or will consider offsetting the pin image to achieve this. It could also go hand in hand nicely with the ability to drag the pin around if you click and hold on the pin.

Thank you! Will work on it!

[UPDATE] We add a feature when you click it will zoom in and center the pin.
Also, we are working on adding a “draggable pin” so you can drag it and drop it anywhere and get the coordinates.

Thanks @DrAceMisanthrope

Sorry for double reply! :heart: