GTA Online Chat

okay i did a server and i want just to play with my 3 friends so we are 4 but that doesnt matter… we want a little bit to roleplay … so i have this chat and its from GTA:O ( GTA 5 Online ) and i need that different one like this blue one… and i dont know how to do it can someone help with it?


enable the chat resource.

how? im new here…

if you don’t know how to enable it how did you even disable it?

anyways add the resource - chat to the autostart resources on citmp-server.yml or start it though the server

i didnt disable it i just turned on the server and it was the chat from GTA ONline in it

By default the custom chat is enabled

watch i need this chat

but i have this one

so i need the blue one…

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so i need to do the blue one … and i dont know how to do it.

someone help me?..

Are you sure you are actually playing 5R and not GTA:O? There isn’t even any way currently to have that chat. 0.o

You can get that chat by disabling the chat resource

where and how?.. :slight_smile:

Add -chat yo your auto start resources…

like this ?

Yeah that’s it.

thats not working…

Did you restart the server after that?

yes i did…

Don’t know then :confused:

do u have the enhanced reborn trainer