I have been working for some time to import the map of GTA 3, first map of the GTA series in 3D on GTA 5. Here is a beta version of my work that I will continue to improve.

I have corrected most of the bugs but the map still has some. So I will fix all that in future update. I will also add NPC traffic, missing collision elements and improve the current ones, add night lights, fix the water running through the ground and improve the textures.
It takes time, so do not be in a hurry.

You just have to download the rar file available here:!EBpX0QqY!RnlUMdL-QtUBLTq4ytAugF-FN9JF_i9z1b77Len3Qio

You just have to start in your server.cfg com, generic, indust and land.

And finally for those wanting the same thing but on GTA 5 story mode, here is the link:


That’s a nice one, a little bit pixeled. But as you mentioned it’s on BETA state. good job!

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OH MY GOODNESS… This was my first GTA game ever, i’d play it in my dads office on the original XBOX. He then later introduced me to San Andreas. Good work!!!

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Underground roads are flooded with water.
Some walls are invisible.
Map looks good <3
Add a bridge to drive to the map. :frowning:

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I’m interested about recreating this map, with HD textures too… Imagine a RP server with this map in HD, and voice, just what we known before.
If you can send me PM, we maybe can do some cool things.

See you

looks awesome

Hi everyone

The project is not dead, and i have a better private version. But i have not so much time to work on it, and i work in a full GTA san andreas map, for fivem too (it’s a remplace of the GTA 5 map). So be patient, all will be release when it will be good.

Hi, will you by any chance be finishing the map, (traffic peds textures etc>)? Because you did a splendid job and i was just wondering if there will be improvements. If you aren’t planning on finishing do you perhaps know someone that would like to do it or is doing it??

Yo do you have the finished gta 3 map if you do I would love to have it


I’ve used this mod in my “Claude Recalls” series, I’d love it if this came back to life and I could help develop it somehow. I find GTA3’s Liberty City much more nostalgic than GTAIVs (even though I love both!)

Recently I downloaded an older version of GTA V from this site. That was really superb.