Gta 5 Custom Maps and Normal Map

Hello Everyone.
I am new to FiveReborn… hehe ofc.
Just created a Sever for me and some Friends, and we would love to use The Normal GTA 5 Map aswell as a Map mod wich is near LS Airport and has a Ramp so you can drive onto it.

So my question now is…
can i use the Standart GTA 5 Map and add Maps onto that somehow.
And how do i do it?

Didn’t find anything Usefull on the Forum yet.

Greets Kimiko

Where is this ‘map’ to be found? You could perhaps use; [Release] Object Loader (loads map .xml files)

the Map file is a Resource file made for FiveM (FiveReloaded) but the game only loads that Map and the “normal” Gta V Map (with roads etc. you know? x) ) doesn’t load…

I’d have to look at it to know what could possible be wrong.

Is it an XML? Spooner file? Map Editor?

has the same files as an Car Mod… ytd. etc. with Meta configuration files…


I also would to know if it is possible please !


Anyone know why nuggens and some objects do not appear in the fivem when loads?