GSRP GamerStudio Serious RP Mentalhealth #escapereality Server

Welcome to GSRP - We are a brand New server about 3 months old now - We have a population of around 10 active people. We are looking to grow to spread awareness of ESCAPEREALITY - GamerStudio RP is a brand / Corporate company based on mental health and to bring people together. We do that through being able to be some one else for a moment and enjoy the world of Role Play.

We have ESX based server with loads of extras.
We have Custom cars , planes , clothing
We have jobs like Police , sheriff , EMS and Bus driver and loads of legal jobs but we also have loads of Drugs and naughty stuff to do in the city. We soon will be considering Gangs when the city is populated enough.

Come join in the Serious RP server and become part of the GamerStudio Family

you need to react to the rules to see the whole server. If your looking for a serious City then you found the right place -
This is a no BS server. Zero OOC, no random
Shootings, no fail RP gang wannabe’s. If you are looking for serious role play you have found it…
Once you experience what we have to offer you will not want to leave.