Green Valley Project - Seeking Passionate Staff Members

Hey there,

We are excited to announce that we have recently begun on planning for our new venture,

“The Green Valley.”

Although we are still in the early stages of this project, we are actively looking for new committed staff members. That are passionate about being part of something new, fostering a fresh community, a unique platform, and creating a safe haven for our community members.

Therefore, we have decided to begin a recruitment drive, seeking new staff members for various roles.

At this moment, these roles are volunteer-based.

Each of these positions will have unique responsibilities during our project phase. Some, smaller than others.

We are STRICTLY seeking individuals who are seriously looking into managing a server.

Below are the specifics of what we are looking for.

We are currently looking for:

More Developers (specializing in clothing, mapping and/or scripting)



Public Relations (media/promotions team, staff-to-player liaisons, event management)

If you find this interesting, please send me a direct message here and we can speak more about this project.

You can reach us on discord Liinux#1170 or Aladeen#1920

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Still actively looking for staff, some positions have been filled but looking for more!

Still some positions available and we’re still looking for more staff!

One spot open for devs, we are more focused to get more people into “Public relations” team and of course mods and admins!

One spot open for devs still, we are still looking for a “Public Relations” team, Public Relations is what we are mostly focused on right now!