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About Great Lakes Roleplay
Great Lakes Roleplay was founded in February of 2021 and we have been continuously working to grow the community and build the server to have the best possible roleplay experience. Our official release with March 20, 2021. We had a great turn out and would love to see some new faces come around and play with us. We our a fully whitelisted server, you must be 15 or older to join our server however we do make some exceptions to this rule. Please apply to our server below!

Community Features

  • You can fill out our Whitelist Application Here
  • You can read our community rules and guidelines Here
  • Active Department of Public Safety
    • You can apply for our Department of Public Safety by visiting our Website or Discord.
  • In depth First Responder training.
  • Custom State Specific Vehicles not available on any other FiveM server.
  • Custom State Specific Uniforms not available on any other FiveM server.
  • Roadside assistance department MDOT

Great Lakes Roleplay - Department of Public Safety
Our Department of Public Safety is made up of four main departments, they include the Michigan State Police, Our Police Department Division, Our Sheriffs Office Division & the Detroit Fire Department. All departments have custom State Specific Liveries & Uniforms not available on any other FiveM server adding to the experience. Our Departments are application only and require you to go through an extensive amount of training in order to enhance the roleplay. The Police department is made up of four departments as listed, Detroit PD, Taylor PD, Flatrock PD, and Monroe PD. The sheriffs Division is made up of Wayne County and Monroe County.

About the Michigan State Police


The Michigan State Police are tasked with protecting the Governor, the Citizens of Michigan and the property of the State & Government across Michigan. They have no patrol zone boundary and are able to enforce the full extent of the law at any place in the State of Michigan. The Michigan State Police are an advanced group and have many subdivisions.

Subdivisions include:

  • Rotary Wing Aviation
  • Department of Natural Resources
    • Tasked with operating Search & Rescue missions, enforcing nature laws & patrolling backroads.
  • Motor Bike Unit
    • Tasked primarily with setting up and operating speed traps, escorting High Value Targets & enforcing traffic laws from the bike seat of a Harley Electra glide.
  • Emergency Support Team (SWAT)
    • A Joint Department division, they are specialized individuals tasked with taking on high risk missions such as barricaded subjects, bank robberies and warrant executions.
  • Canine Unit
    • Participate in suspect apprehension, search & rescue among other things.
  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
    • Operate Weigh Stations and enforce both general and specialized traffic laws on anyone driving a vehicle larger than a full sized pickup truck.
  • Marine Services
    • Underwater Body Recovery and Water Bound Law Enforcement
  • Training Division
    • General Training & Precision Driving Unit

About the Police Department Division

The Police Department is tasked with protecting the citizens of Detroit, Taylor, Flatrock and Monroe while also enforcing both State and Local Statutes. They are an elite group of like minded individuals who strive for excellence each time they strap into the seat of their patrol car. They have many subdivisions you can join and encourage their officers to start new ones.

Subdivisions include:

  • Training Division
  • Traffic Enforcement Unit
  • Motor Bike Unit
  • Neighborhood Police Officers (Gang Unit)
  • Canine Unit
  • Emergency Support Team
  • Any many more coming soon as officers are always opening new ones!

About the Sheriffs Office

The Sheriffs division is tasked with overseeing all of the city and county. The sheriffs division is an elite group of deputy’s whos main goal is to server and protect all the members within the community.

Subdivisions include:

  • Training Division
  • Traffic Enforcement Unit
  • Motor Bike Unit
  • Canine Unit
  • Emergency Support Team
  • Any many more coming soon as deputy’s are always opening new ones!

About the Detroit Fire Department

The Detroit Fire Department was founded in 1860 and provides both fire & EMS services to the residents of Detroit.

About MDOT


MDOT was founded in 1905 and provide towing, roadside assistance and road construction. MDOT is a group of civilians looking to make a difference within the community. They have help with thousands of traffic incidents and helping getting people to and from work when their cars are no longer running.

Our community is open to anyone over the age of 15 however we do allow exceptions based on what we witness from that individual on our public server during the public weekdays. We are a completely whitelisted server you will need to join the discord and apply please!

We hope to see you on our server and look forward to roleplaying with you.

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