Graphics problem

This error shows in the starting screen after running FiveReborn.exe after the download is finished. Though the single player ran smoothly in normal graphics in my laptop but still…
Can anyone help plz…link text

Are you on a laptop or on a desktop computer? If on a desktop computer make sure your integrated video card is disabled on your bios as it seems to cause issues when detecting your graphic adapter features. If on a laptop and using Nvidia, right click the FiveReborn exe and start with nvidia graphics, there should be an option.

Please use this format to post your error.
Did you read the F.A.Q?

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i updated the intel hd graphics drivers as suggested in the F.A.Q and it worked!

i get a map issue while joining servers…
where from do i install updates…link text
link text

What are those? We are not downloading MegaUploads.

You can view the images without downloading.

i did it…downloaded the dlcs…thanks guys so much…it’s running now…can anyone tell me how to change the language to english?

Change it in your regular GTA V settings, everything working fine now?