Grapeseed MLO Interiors 1.0

This is a resource I made for FiveM.
It adds 3 vanilla interiors to Grapeseed (Bank, Liquor Store and Barber Shop).
All collision and mesh editing was done by myself.

Place the 3 folders into your maps resource, and start them in your server config

shops_v1.rar (7.1 MB)


Upload to forum please.

Fine, I’ll do it then

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Sorry about that, this is my first post. Couldn’t figure it out.
Thank you

No problem, it’s the :arrow_up: symbol in the post creation/editing toolbar

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Ahh that would do it. Thanks, I’ll be needing that :smiley:

thanks sir

Is there any way for you to add LODs?

Yes…I’ll include that in the next update

Would love to use the update!

Awesome! Great work by the way, always a positive thing to have more interiors for RP

you should make a cop station interior in Grapseed it will be cool if you did

Right here would be great!

Good idea :smile:


@NilWo interior for your grapeseed station :eyes:

Is planned (if that’s what you mean) @Mick_King

i like that

Really great job!!!

Would love to have a compatible PD station in Grapeseed as the others mentioned.

I found another but it has collision issues and doesn’t work with your barbershop so I removed it for now.

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Waiting on that update like…

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