Got Policemod 2 working but with one bug!

So I got policemod 2 working (callouts, traffic stops, backup,) but there is only one issue. When I get certain callouts and accept them they are immediately code 4 like literally 0.1 seconds after accepting it. Here is the error on the scripthook log - Caught unhandled exception:
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index
at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource)
at ‬‪‍‪‍‎‍‍‪‍‪‌‏‭‍‏‬‫‎‭‮‌‬‫‎‏‮.‍‬‬‏‌‏‪‍‏‭‬‭‪‫‭‮()
at ‬‪‍‪‍‎‍‍‪‍‪‌‏‭‍‏‬‫‎‭‮‌‬‫‎‏‮.‬‎‮‬‎‭‏‫‎‬‏‫‭‌‏‌‮‌‍‍‮‬‎‭‭‪‏‫‬‮‮(Object , KeyEventArgs )
at GTA.Script.raise_KeyUp(Object value0, KeyEventArgs value1)
at GTA.Script.MainLoop()

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Noah

I can’t help you with that, but i’ve been messing around with it for about a week and would really see a step-by-step explanation on how you got it working. Could you update your OP? This would help loads of people that are fighting to get it to work.

ya i wouldnt mind knowing it either i see people use it

I will forward the error to the devs.

Please hold.

Download Link?

Noah, you have been asking a lot of questions about Police Mod and seem to have had more success than most in getting it (almost) working. Please explain what you have done so far so that everyone can benefit from the questions you are asking and that the developers are now helping with.

Is this the version of Police Mod?

And which scripthook version or scripthookvdotnet are you using?

What else did you do to install?

@Loque Yes that is the download link. When you open the folder titled “manual installation” there will be a few files in there labeled scripthookv.dll, ScripthookDotNet.dll, and ScriptHookDotNet.ASI. ScripthookV goes in the main directory of GTA 5 as well as scripthookdotnet.dll. Also drag dinput8.dll to both your main directory of GTA 5 as well as the plugins folder inside of FiveReborn. ScripthookVDotNet.ASI also goes in the plugins folder of FiveReborn. After you are done installing these files, open the scripts folder that comes with the download. Now make a folder with the name “scripts” inside the plugins folder of Five Reborn. Drag PoliceMod2.dll, NativeUI.dll, PoliceMod2.ini, and the Policemod Folder into the scripts folder that you just made inside the plugins folder. Also drag the PoliceMod2.ini file into the main directory of GTA 5. (I also had to delete the .png files inside the PoliceMod folder to bring up the menu). Make sure to follow these instructions exactly as the mod is very specific in terms of what goes where. PM me if you have any further questions.

Thanks, Noah

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Thanks Noah! I will try it. These are the kind of instructions I have been looking for and may help others try and test Police Mod, which seems like the only hope we have right now for online police role playing, which is also I think what a ton of people have been waiting for.

I wonder if dehan can still be reached. I see he posted something mid-June:

@Loque No problem. The more people we can have working on this issue the better. Also @filipCRO made an interesting discovery as when I accept certain callouts in the game I get this error - and he was kind enough to look it up for me and of course it has to do with peds engaging in combat. So it seems that fivereborn has a problem/bug in the way it handles peds spawning and/or initiating in combat which is vital for the callout to work hence why almost none of the callouts work except for maybe 2 of them. Hopefully we can get the developer’s help on this as it seems a lot of the community really wants a police mod that is functional.

It uses natives that aren’t used in FiveReborn.

@Boss Ah I see. Is there a way to get the natives working in FiveReborn or is it out of our hands for the time being?

@noah101 You will need to edit the mod to work with the natives FiveReborn uses. Unfortunatly the only person who can do that is Dehan. Since it’s not open source as far as I know.

@Boss Okay thanks for the info. I will try to contact Dehan.

@noah101 For leads on reaching dehan, apart from gta5-mods, I noticed others are trying to reach him here: and I also noticed this interview with Dehan (Mathew) a while back: I was wondering if the interviewers on that website would provide a contact or (more likely) pass a message on to him, since they probably had an email address or something similar to conduct the interview.

Contacting Dehan to do some tweaks or even to open source his mod seems like the best bet at this point.

By the way, how do you send a PM on this forum, or is ‘chat’ the same thing?

@Loque Yeah if you click on someone’s profile and click “chat with etc” that’s basically a pm.

Oh and one more thing for whatever it’s worth. I noticed in this recent video from a guy (GTA V police role playing group) that they are using an older version of police mod on FiveReborn with some stability. I don’t think I have seen any callout functions used though.

The onscreen menu for the version they were testing seems to say “Police.Mod.1.Oe”?

@Loque Yeah that works fine actually. Much more compatible with fivereborn since it’s a simple .asi plugin. My friends and I tested it awhile back but the callouts simply don’t work. They don’t load whatsoever.

@Loque PoliceMod2 does have fully functional traffic stops with backup, breathalyzer, and name searches though so that is something.
anyone know what to do

@DriX-3.0 hmmm I’ve never encountered that before. Can you provide the debug log from the fivereborn folder?