Good server, mediocre staff.

Content: This server has lots of high quality assets and scripts, I feel like this server has had lots of effort put into it.
Players: As with most FiveM servers, you get a mix between good and bad players.
LEO: The LEO are decent, sometimes you get slow cops that take forever, and you get some that are funny and are not boring as fuck.
Staff: Staff are really strict, this can be seen 2 ways, good or bad. As I said, the staff are really strict and are on a %100 no Low Quality Roleplay (aka no fun) This means police chases are LQRP, so are shootouts, and often times the rules are not properly enforced, meaning that the rule document definition of LQRP is not always in the same as you might get kicked/banned for.
Overall: Its a good server, but don’t join expecting to be able to fuck arround and do some semi-non-realistic roleplay. Just be careful with what roleplay you do since you might get banned for 14 days because you where roleplaying as a pig and everyone was having a good time.

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