Golf Gamemode

Golf Gamemode

Hey! Paradigm is excited to announce our latest gamemode for RedM... Golf!

Rediscover Red Dead Redemption 2's beautiful landscapes as you compete against other players in golf courses of varying terrain and difficulty.


Here's a gameplay video:

You get started in the game by queuing up for a golf course:

Once you have picked a course and started a game, it's simple! There are just a few steps to launch yourself around:

  • Aim! Point the camera at where you'd like to go
  • Power up! Hold down Left/Right Mouse to adjust the power for the shot, while checking the power meter
  • Fire! Press Spacebar to shoot

After earning some points for playing games, you'll be able to unlock powerups to take your golf game to the next level. Some powerups have passive effects, while the others have limited activations per game. Here is the Vortex powerup, which can clean up your near misses:

Feature List

Here's a list of our features:

  • Complete lobby and queuing system so players can enter games together and vote on maps
  • A simple points system so you can purchase skins and powerups
  • Persistent skins shop system so you can make your player look cool
  • Purchasable powerups. You can equip one to get an edge in different scenarios while you're golfing
  • A large selection of handcrafted golf courses to play that vary greatly in difficulty and terrain type. Something for everyone!
  • A wonderfully simple aiming system where you use a power bar in combination with your camera angle to precisely launch yourself across the Wild West
  • A difficulty progression system where you unlock the golf courses in the next difficulty by scoring better than par on 3 golf courses from the previous difficulty. Better get good!
  • Modded maps that put a twist on normal gameplay. Perhaps you'd like to bounce on water instead of falling in?
  • A mysterious UFO that escorts you back to your previous shooting position in case you land in water. Don't worry, it usually doesn't keep you!
  • Completely custom HUD and GUI for all these features, plus sweet sound effects
  • And more!

Discord (click me!)

Got feedback or questions? Let us know in our Discord! (link above) We’d love to have you :smile:

Find us in the server browser by searching for “Golf”, or by direct connecting to


This is brilliant, definitely didn’t expect something like this to be made.
You get a thumbs up from me dude! :+1: