Golden State RP | Custom Clothing| Custom Housing| Advanced Jobs| Custom Vehicles| TOS Friendly| E-Girl Friendly |Streamer Friendly|

GoldenState RP | Coming Soon

:dart:Everyone Who Joins Gets a Starter Pack Just Make A Ingame Report

• Growing Community, 24/7 Admins With Good Vibes🤘

• Strict Serious RP, Realistic Economy :dollar:

• 300+ Custom Cars, 150+ Bikes :red_car:

• Custom Robbery’s like pawnshop robbery, 24/7, Train Heist, Pull ATM out the wall and more :rotating_light:

• Custom MLOs :stadium:

• Philly, Mexico & More. 🏋🏽‍♂️

• EMS And Police Come With a Nice Signing Bonus $250K And Will Be Well Taken Care Of In The City :man_health_worker::policeman:

• Civilian Jobs Like Garden Cleaning, Electric, Lumberjack, Lifeguard, Sanitation, Mining

• Mechanic Job That Requires Time Per Each Upgrade, Prices Created By Mechanic Shop Owners

• Limited Amount Of GunPlugs

• Mc’s, Ghettos, Mobs

• Metal Detecting, Recycling Centre, Gold Panning

• Pokemon Card Trading

• Custom Dice, Rock Paper Scissors Script :game_die:

• Activities Like Bowling, Paintball, Drift Track, Basketball :basketball:

• Plenty Of Player Owned Businesses Available :chart_with_upwards_trend: Some For in Game Cash

• Trap Houses :derelict_house:

• Multiple Drug Locations All Over The Map :leaves:

• Custom Drug Script :snowflake:

• Custom Guns Kyros V4/V5 / Female Pack/ DoItDigital 100 Gun Pack🔫

• Hair Salon For Females Containing Sellable Items :barber::haircut_woman:

• Ownable Dispensaries :smoking:

• Staff Applications Come Join The Family :memo:

• Custom Drip From The Newest Clothing Packs :tshirt:

• Custom Police Clothing And Vehicles :policeman:

• Custom Pawnshop Script and Items

• Custom Drugs For In-Game Money

Interested Join The Cord :handshake: Good Vibes Only Grown Community

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