[Goat Gaming] Drift:Mania - Public, Optimized, Custom Drifting Server

Drift:Mania - A Public FiveM Drifting Server

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Drift:Mania is a brand new FiveM drifting community!

We aim to build an amazing drifting server. We are currently in beta and just released our first public beta this Thanksgiving!


Some of the features that we currently have so far:


  • 150+ Vehicles
    • Both in-game and custom vehicles are available
    • More custom vehicles added each week (we’re taking requests too!)
    • Includes GTA Tuner (the latest update) vehicles
  • Custom Racing Script
  • Custom Game Menu - Use M to use
  • Multiple worlds
    • You can switch which world you’re in, so you can drive around alone, or play with a group of friends unbothered!
  • Passive Play
    • Nobody can ruin your day by smashing into you. Drive away to your heart’s content!
  • Custom framework, built from scratch (with 100% pure goat tears)
  • Highly optimized

This project is under development but has a promising future. Check it out sometime.

When I first joined, I was amazed by the awesome design of the menus. I enjoyed the time I used on this server. If you like cars and drifting, I recommend joining this server.