Go Kart YMAP

Here is a little go kart ymap, created with menyoo!

Designed to work with this addon go-kart: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nagasaki-kart-add-on

xysgokartmap.zip (8.0 KB)


Please see: PSA on Advertising in Releases

I’ve removed the ad. Thank you :slight_smile:

Awesome. Looks good.

Looking great, @BradXY ! But it seems not working on my server from some reason. Other map additions are working fine, like “Along the way”.

Do I need something extra to get this working? Some object spawner or something?

Does there has to be Scripthook allowed?

clear ur cache, stream it like any other ymap
Include ( this_is_a_map ‘yes’ ) in the resource.lua

Should all be working

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Still without any luck :confused:

Should be here, right?

@MoravianLion According to the screenshot, it should be at the Southeast hanger in LSIA. Plus if you look at the PLD, it says where it’s at.

oui je confirme au hangar sud -est