Glock Pack

please place the [weapons] folder in your resources folder and start or ensure [weapons] in server.cfg

more images in download

Hello this is my Glock pack which replaces the following

Combat Pistol
SNS Pistol
SNS Pistolmk2
Vintage Pistol

What comes in the pack

Glock17 Gen 5
Glock22 Gen 4
Glock19 Gen 5

Hope you enjoy

Credits and stuff
Glock 19 Gen 5 [Animated] -
Glock 17 Gen 5 [Animated] -
Glock 22 Gen 4 [Animated] -
Glock P80 [Animated] -
Can’t remember where I got the others from

I’m planning on bringing you guys more weapons

Mr. Savage



you made all those models?

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This gun is very good, I will recommend it!

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No some are converted from gta 5 mods to suit FiveM
I won’t post my own stuff because It took time to get it from other games and it cost me some money so I don’t think I will put my ones in there

Thank you

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Could you at least credit to original authors of the models and provide the links to those weapons too?

Sure I’ll get some cause I don’t know the others

All Models exceeded are expectations i thank you for this this will be helpful in our server.