[GitHub] FiveM Scripts

ok so here we got a little group that @Streetcorps started a discord and a git page for everyone that would like to help contribute to make the project exciting and full of features anybody is welcome, all these are open source projects and it will be greatly appreciated to report bugs and provide input necessary to improve the scripts or fix the bugs. Looking for testers and developers to again IMPROVE the project, if you are planning on just taking the files and not contributing anything or if you decide to improve a script please SHARE the work to make it easier for everyone else to make FiveM have more features anyways, a lot of work has been put in to convert or use some of the older scripts into this for all the scripts you will require to have essential mode on your server , have fun and good luck to future updates



I can test it for you guys

yea just download the files and add them to your server if you like and comment here or on the github there is a direct link in the download of the scrpts on how to further contact the devs besides here for open testing with people etc to see how it handles for 20+ people but that will be soon when more is done

You can take all the scripts you want here:: https://github.com/nynjardin

Just, the Battlefield mode is Wip, so, is little buggy :wink:

just come to the discord and help lol

Lots of potential here. My coding skills suck so I can only test and provide feedback. Haven’t had much time to play around in it, but there should be a check to see if PV is already out. You can do /PV over and over and create a pile of PV’s. Add the /PV sell option but don’t limit it to having one PV, leaves room for expansion of several PV’s. Excited to see this evolve and I’ll help in anyway I can. EDIT: the scoreboard/player list wasn’t showing my player ID either.

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@HST you can always post bugs / issues @ https://github.com/FiveM-Scripts/Essential_Freeroam/issues

The /pv issue will be fixed in the next update.
The scoreboard is already fixed :wink:

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OOOOOH nice, thanks my friend :heart_eyes: