Getting error "Verify game files" when changing visualsettings in the nvr pack

So the game does work if I don’t change but then it will ruin the fun, so I installed naturalvision, and when I go in game the police lights are so dark, I know how to make it brighter, by editing the visualsettings in fivem application > citizen >common > data, but it didn’t change anything, I then installed the optional pack from the naturalvision, it’s called the “z_NVR_Brigher_Emergency_lights.rpf” so when Install it the game visual does change, but it didn’t change to bright so much, I tried editing the visualsetttings.dat file in the “z_NVR_Brighter_Emergency_lights” but when I try to start fivem it gives me an error " Verify game files…".

It sounds like you installed NVR through his OpenIV pack? When using any visual mods, only put them in your FiveM folder, if you mod your GTA 5 install folder, it can come up with that message.

Hi! No I installed it in FiveM, it’s now located in “FiveM Application Data > Addons” no OpenIV was used during the download of NVR.

Never mind, I fixed the problem… thanks though!

so write at least the solution:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I removed the following mod, and took the whole update rpf common data files to my citizen folder.