GetNumResources() for client use


So on the client side, you detect if someone has injected a Cheeto by checking from the client to the server and back

GetNumResources is a shared native, it works on both the server and client.

Though have you considered that when someone is able to inject a cheat into the client, they will also be able to override the result of that native to hide their cheat?

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you can’t detect it, with these natives, because they are not run with the base resource manager but with cheese, so it won’t even show up in the “list”

but i could stop lua menus because they will be injected into the resource list

This really depends on the way the certain “tool” works. (Though, more recent stuff doesn’t create ScRTs when invoking natives or even executing full LUA scripts, so not really a great detection vector anymore)

This still can be useful to check for manually stopped resources though, but as always with client-side checks, you can catch some, but not all.