🔴 Get Your Server Branded With The New Vinewood Sign


Just submit your logo to us, and well expertly craft a 3D model and animate it to match your specific preferences.

Join our discord server through tebex webstore and create a ticket, we will guide you through the process.


What we offer:

We provide you with a vinewood sign with custom prop that is animated and build from scratch and also a animated text with your server name/quote

what makes us different:

Unlike the normal/old vinewood signs, we make a 3d model according to your logo and not a 2d version extruded of. and animated ofcourse

are you new to this?:

No, we have experience in this for the last 2 years! We have been providing the services under the name CODEIN

what should i provide?:

Just provide us your logo (Highest quality). and server name (font, if any preference)

Ways to contact me/get in touch

  • Discord - ash.0880

  • Join the discord and open a ticket with abit of detail in what you need/want


Wrong category, this should be in Releases.

Great release anyways though.

when I put it on release. They said to move it to bazaar!

Great, quality service. Extremely helpful and accommodating. Would highly recommend for your city to take it to the next level. 5* quality, helpful service. Thanks again for the amazing work!

“Impeccable craftsmanship and boundless creativity define the custom Vinewood sign crafted by Ash Rigs. From its stunning design to its meticulous execution, every detail of the sign reflects a true labor of love. Collaborating closely with ash ensured that my vision was brought to life flawlessly, resulting in a piece that not only captures the essence of Vinewood but also adds a unique touch to any space. The sign’s durability and high-quality materials guarantee its longevity, making it a cherished addition to my collection. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Ash Rigs for anyone seeking a personalized work of art that embodies the spirit of Vinewood.”

Great quality, easy to work with, highly recommend

Fast and quick highly recommend custom vinewood sign :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Showing multiple previews, the way of interaction is awesome! Great effort, Nicely done!

Amazed with how this came out, really fast, high quality and very well optimised. Would recommend to everyone.