I’d like to see GET_CONVAR and GET_CONVAR_INT (and possibly a GET_CONVAR_FLOAT) in the client API set. Would save a lot of time trying to manually sync them using events. Especially for convars that need to be changed during runtime.

While I’m at it, I’d also like to see the IsPlayerAceAllowed native on the client, however I do see some potential issues there considering the ‘never trust the client’ scenario.

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Perhaps client-side convars are already planned, per the new Configuration & Input documentation:

Nevertheless, I would love to see this be implemented.

I could’ve sworn I’ve used these client side before, perhaps something else. Still would be nice to have.

Implemented as of the following commits:


Thanks a lot for this :slight_smile: And thanks for the suggestion @Vespura , will be useful :slight_smile:

Feature is implemented (canary build only for now). Closing request.