Generate a fake users (bot)?

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to generate bots on a server with a player ID for example?

This would be useful to test mass development when there are more than 10 players.

Thank you,
A developer

Even if this were a thing, ‘having a player ID’ wouldn’t be enough for testing, since client scripts wouldn’t run, they’d not be running any game code, and lots of other concerns would apply that basically would require to run a real client instead.

Given sufficient RAM and CPU cores you can run quite a few clients on a single PC with +set r_disablerendering 1 and some virtualization technology (e.g. Windows containers with Hyper-V isolation mode) though.


Hello, thanks for your answer.

I am currently using 2 PCs for this, but I would like to emulate for example a 10 players :smiley:
So i need a 1 steam game account for running 1 player no ?


I don’t think you can stress test with a fake player. As for i think, a fake is just a number and doesn’t do anyting else but exist in your playercount. I think you really need some real people actually walking, driving, doing missions, buying cars and stuff so your server actually also needs to do queries to the database, just like it would with a real server with 10 players on it. But to be clear, i have no knowledge about any of that stuff. Also a fake playercount would be abused by many servers. But it’ll be hard running 9 virtual machine’s all running FiveM. I also think you need 10 seperate accounts then?

Yes sure ^^, is not possible, only virtualmachines and new account for fake account.

Ahaha thanks.

Nope, you don’t need to have any unique game copy per player.

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It’s funny how nobody is talking about the fact that adding mock users as a feature would open the chance for server owners to abuse it and allow them to fake their player counts, just like SA-MP Russian RP servers.


It wouldn’t since the server list here does count players by unique game copies.