Game Storage Download


I’m interested in how the peer to peer download for the game cache works?
Does it download many small files or are they large files, because every time I download RedM it takes an absolutely ridiculous amount of time. However it seems to peek to 3.5MB/s every few seconds, then drops to 0MB/s. This has been the case for many years and after coming back i’m blown away that this is still an issue. can the Game Cache be zipped and uploaded as one file even as a torrent? If no ones going to fix this I’m going to do it myself.

can you send the file again, please?

Game Storage is hosted with IPFS, it is peer to peer, like torrent but better and more secure, if you are interested in helping speed, you can follow this link:

PS: Uploading files to Google Drive or some other is considered illegal.

My download keeps getting stuck at 18%. Was stuck there for 24 hours. Is there a mirror to just download the game files normally?