Game error. Please reboot and restart the game

Hello FiveReborn Community,

I am new to this community and after gathering some info about this interesting gta ‘mod’ I felt like making my own server :blush: . Everything was fine until me and my friend started adding about 20 new car models:

As the title says, I get this error when I try to join my server. Both me and my friend get the same error so the problems lays at the server. This error came up after I added about 20 news carmodels. We did what the errormessage said but rebooting didn’t help. I tried disabing the new carmodels and we could enter the server. Then I just added about 2 of the new carmodels back in the server and everything worked fine. After I added 10 new carmodels the errorcode came back. Does this mean that I have reached the limit of carmodels or is something else causing this issue? :confused: Thanks in advance!

You have to try every mod out. Have the same issue i think it’s caused by the mods.

Thanks for the quick reply. I felt like posting it on the forums to prevent spending that much time. Looks like I have to try it then.

Yep. What type of error do you get? For me it’s a “zlib” error.

I get no other text than that, let me try to join it again so I can look at the details.

window name = ERR_FIL_COMMON
window context = Game error. Please reboot and restart the game.
buttons = OK

Hm strange. I guess nobody can’t help you with that.

@Trust37 Really?! Thats unfortunate :hushed:

@apaydinabdul Yeah well, this mod is still in alpha. Don’t expect too much.

@Trust37 For real? When did it came out?

You most likely do something wrong. Streaming 10+ cars shouldn’t be a problem.

@Boss I got 7 cars to work for about 2 days (that’s when I started hosting my own server) today I added about 25 cars and it suddenly stopped. I’m 99% sure I created different folders for them, with __resource.lua on it’s own and the ytd and yft files inside the stream folders. I also added the folder names in the server settings file. What could I possibly do wrong?

one of them could be corrupted

@GanjaMonster Would that crash my game? Thanks for the reply!

yes a corrupt file will crash your game. You have to figure out whitch one