Game crashing on load

Everything works flawlessly up until I start to load in game. Some of the map loads and then the entire game just crashes to desktop without an error.
I am using an up-to-date GTA V version on Steam.

I’m trying to figure out how to attach my CitizenFX log but I can’t find an attachment button

Here is the CitizenFX log, I figured I’d just put it on Pastebin

PM me your latest crash dump located in FiveReborn/crashes, I’ll see what I can do.

Forgot to include this yesterday, my GTA V folder.

I’ve tried removing mods, cleaning the folder, reinstalling Fivereborn.

@Peavy I looked at your dump file and it appears to be an issue related to video card drivers, the crash is happening at atidxx64.dll which may be happening due to different driver signatures for the driver you’re using (since AMD drivers are likely to cause crashes with FiveReborn we require to patch the loaded module). What AMD driver and video card are you using? If possible send me your atidxx64.dll file and I’ll try making you a custom dll. I need to know what driver you’re using to reproduce the crash.
The driver file is located at C:\Windows\System32 (full path to the file being: C:\Windows\System32\atidxx64.dll)

An alternate future-proof solution to this is to update your video card drivers to 16.8.1 and it should fix the issue, you can find the driver here (I’m using those drivers and the signature still appears to be there):

Just scroll down and pick one for your video card.
Try updating drivers and see if it fixes the issue, if not send me the file and I’ll make you a custom DLL for now.

Updated drivers and it works now, thanks!

@Peavy Great to hear that!