Game crashes after loading

When joining a server the game just crashes, I made a video showing it- it happens every time i try to join one. I get a red box in the upper left of the screen just before crashing.


It seems i can’t edit my post so here’s the crash dump if anybody needs it

same problem here

I tried reinstalling my GTA 5, still the same problem- singleplayer and GTA:Online work though… out of ideas

pls help :frowning:

So you have a clean GTA?

What version?


What did you try so far?

Wich system language are you on?

Watched DG’s video. Same issue.

Core i-5 6600K
Samsung 950 Pro NVME M.2 SSD
Nvidia GTX980 4GB GPU

Clean copy of GTA
Steam Version, fully legit
Language: en-US

Already tried reinstall of GTA, client, and server

Had FiveReborn installed into clean copy of GTA Steam folder. I think I seen somewhere that FiveReborn might need to be in it’s own folder inside your main GTA folder like this:
Grand Theft Auto V\Five Reborn\FiveReborn.exe

Could that be the source of this issue, or is that totally unrelated?

Shouldn’t matter @Sotsialyst.

@Boss So any thoughts on how to resolve/investigate this issue?

Something is blocking it.

I have a clean GTA
should be the latest version.
Reinstalling, verifying the game cache
windows 10

What about setting it to the highest priority in taskmanager?

Tried that already, nothing :frowning:

Oh shit, dunno how but it fixed by itself…