Game crashed after I made the screen fullscreen now it crashes everytime I start RedM

Server Artifact Version: Latest
Operating System (Windows/Linux): Windows
Error screenshot (if any):

Crash files (if any): (2.0 MB)

**Server config (server.cfg):**not sure sorry
Path to server files: no idea
Path to cfx-server-data files: sorry new to this so no idea sorry

Describe your issue

My game started in window mode. I then changed in settings to fullscreen and I put the refresh rate up to my screens refresh of 165. The game instantly crashed after saving the changes and now when I try to load up redM it gives me this error. It basically makes my screen go black then resets my screen and then crashes. Both RDR2 online story mode works and so does FiveM.

What have you tried? I have removed and installed RedM, Red dead and removed each monitor. It does the same thing with both monitors. I have played RDR2 online and story and it works perfect. I have cleared the cache. I have updated all my drivers and windows to latest versions.

I am posting this as this error does not seem to have a solve in other threads and they are closed

HELP plz


Here is what I did. I removed RedM and deleted every file. I went and deleted RDR2 settings folder. I deleted citizen flies for RedM. I then deleted every file in the Temp folder. I changed the settings in NVIDIA GeForce program to suit the game. I reinstalled RedM and it worked.

Here are the files to delete to remove the settings causing the crashing.