FXServer Docker Image - FiveM or RedM

I created a simple and light docker image from linux builds.

docker hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/routmoute/fxserver
github: https://github.com/routmoute/fxserver

Docker run sample

docker run -it -p 30120:30120/tcp -p 30120:30120/udp \
    -v /yourLocalServerFolder/server.cfg:/opt/cfx-server/server.cfg \
    -v /yourLocalServerFolder/resources:/opt/cfx-server/resources \
    routmoute/fxserver:recommended +exec server.cfg +set gamename rdr3

Docker compose sample

version: "3.8"

    image: routmoute/fxserver:recommended
    tty: true
    stdin_open: true
      - ./server.cfg:/opt/cfx-server/server.cfg
      - ./resources:/opt/cfx-server/resources
      - "30120:30120/tcp"
      - "30120:30120/udp"
    command: +exec server.cfg +set gamename rdr3

Image based sample

FROM routmoute/fxserver:recommended

COPY server.cfg server.cfg
COPY resources resources

CMD ["+exec", "server.cfg", "+set", "gamename", "rdr3"]

GOD!, now i only need to now how to use it properly

I forgot to copy “docker run sample”
post edited.

Why disable txAdmin?

I don’t use txAdmin, just expose port 40120, right ?
I can add it into dockerfile

and remove the +exec server.cfg

I think it work with latest, juste launch simple docker run like this:
docker run -itd -p 30120:30120/tcp -p 30120:30120/udp -p 40120:40120/tcp routmoute/fxserver

Is there an updated compose file for this as rdr3 fails to run the session manager now.