"FXServer crashed"

i have this kind of an issue and i have no idea how to solve it. Does anyone know how to help with it.

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Can you show us your bat file and folder structure please.
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sure. do you mean these ?

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Yup, and the contents of the two bat files?

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there ya go.

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I got the server once work but now it doesnt work for somereason btw.

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Try moving it off of OneDrive, I’m not sure if that has an effect on it, but only one way to find out.

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ok i´ll try i will contact on this page if it does or doesnt work.

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ok i think it did not work.

Could you maybe upload the minidump too?

Might it be those weird characters in your path which might break the server?

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Else upload the minidump too please

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Could be…

but how do i delete them from… somewhere?

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Im sorry but what is minidump?

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You have a folder in your server folder called crashes, there should be a minidump file in there. Make sure you send the one with the last modified date.


Could you drag and drop whichever one was modified last in a reply here, it will upload it here for us to see.

im not sure how to

1ef57bb7-cb55-4a18-92ef-c37d6115c314.dmp (371.7 KB)

btw. my user is saying that i have reached the limit of todays replies cause im new here

thanks alot for the help finally i solved it and now it works im sorry i cant reply beacuse of something but thanks a freaking lot!

Open the editor (click reply) and drag the file from explorer to the editor, it will upload

It should just be a simple drag and drop. If not, use the upload file button above ^