Fxmanifest.lua client_script couldnot find!


What do you think? Do I only need to delete the client script listed in fxmanifest.lua? is there any effect when my script runs when I delete it?
because as written above, the file referred to by the script is not in the script folder.

hope u guys can solve my problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

if its in a folder put the foldername/ infront of the missing lua

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i dont understand what u mean, can u make a example?

So the location where your fxmanifest cant find the file specified.
Copy and search where the file is such as api-ac_JGMJspxVEjOZ.lua
Find the location of that file. Usually its in the folders where the fxmanifest is.
If its in for example a stream folder put in your fxmanifest stream/api-ac_JGMJspxVEjOZ.lua to tell it where to look for it

can you dummy it down a little bit more please

You need to put the parent directory before the file name or move the file in question to the parent directory. If your resource folder is named ImAResource, then the above file needs to be dorectly inside ImAResource folder, not inside another folder that is in the ImAResource folder, i.e. a folder named client.

I am also having this same issue where I cannot find my β€œ./plugins//*.net.dll" file, my "./index//.json" file or my "./callouts/**/.json” file either. It is frustrating me. Says it is defined in the fxmanifest.lua file but I looked to see where they are and nothing I do is fixing it. I have read the above but I am unsure what I am doing wrong.

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same im stuck